Party Toothpicks

You can buy party toothpicks with all sorts of fun toppers.  These include teddy bears, flowers, princesses, zoo animals, pirates, baseballs, basketballs, and dinosaurs; so using snack picks and cupcake picks for kids party food, is a really easy way to add strength to a children’s birthday party theme.

Themed toothpicks are also cheap to buy, or to make – which is another great reason to add them to your party supplies list.

By the way, if you would like to make your own decorative toothpicks here’s how:

Small pictures

How to
1.  First – while keeping in mind that one and a half inches is a good size for a toothpick topper picture – choose one of the following options.

a)  Buy gift wrap – with a repeating print – that matches or coordinates with the birthday party theme – then cut out the images.

b)  Use a craft punch, in an appropriate size and design, on plain colored paper.

c)  Rubber stamp or draw your pictures on some plain colored paper – then cut them out.

2.  Then – making sure that you know which way up it is – lay 1 cut out picture facedown on a table.

3.  Next lay a toothpick on the picture – position it so that it’s a littleways down from the top of the image.

4.  Now use some tape to hold it in place as well as to cover the top point of the toothpick.

5.  Then repeat the above process until you have as many   party toothpicks as you need.

Incidentally if your topper is a flower the toothpick will look like the stem of the flower – very sweet.

P.S.  Please remember that toothpicks are unsuitable for very young children.

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